What are Neighbourhood and Community Centres?

Neighbourhood and Community Centres are places of connection, belonging, participation and inclusion.

They’re independent community based non-profit organisations that leverage local resources to make local communities better for everyone. They provide tangible support and assistance to local communities, particularly people and groups who face hardship and vulnerability.


  • 140 centres in QLD

    149+ Centres in QLD

    Creating spaces for participation, belonging and connection

  • 1.83m Visitors Each Year

    2m Visitors Each Year

    Including 967,150 Programmed Activity Participants

  • $1 invested returns $4.08

    $1 Invested Returns $5.25

    For every $1 invested by the QLD Government, the sector produces $5.25 in community value

  • $5.8m Provided in Assistance

    $3.7m Provided in Non-Food Emergency Relief

    792 tonnes of food relief and $3.7m non-food emergency relief provided to communities each year

  • 2225+ Volunteers Each Week

    2,729+ Volunteers Each Week

    Volunteers worked a total of 537,600 hours over the year. Worth over $27.8m.

Benefits of Neighbourhood and Community Centres

Neighbourhood Centres

  • Community-led & place-based.

    NCC projects and activities reflect the strengths, needs and interests of people in that community.

  • Welcoming spaces for all.

    Everyone is welcome to get involved in their community, no matter what gender, age, race, sexuality, culture or religion.

  • Leaving no one behind.

    When local people don’t meet eligibility criteria for other services, or services are stretched or don’t exist, Neighbourhood Centres work to bridge those gaps through leveraging local supports.

  • Experts in their communities.

    Neighbourhood Centres are embedded in the fabric of their communities. They have in-depth knowledge of local people, networks, resources, and challenges.

  • Social connectors, incubators and changemakers.

    Neighbourhood Centres facilitate community-led solutions to local problems. They build connections across local businesses, services, schools and community members to support new projects, plug service gaps, and meet emerging needs and interests.

Neighbourhood Centres

Neighbourhood & Community Centre Shared Principles

Neighbourhood and Community Centres are community-led and respond to local needs and strengths, which means they are as diverse as the communities they are part of. While centres can vary greatly in size, venue and funding, they are guided by common principles such as participation, inclusion and social justice.

Programs, Projects & Activities

Each Centre offers a diverse range of programs and activities. The diversity reflects the place-based nature of centres, who respond to the needs and assets of their community.

  • Community Advocacy

    Supporting communities to have their voices heard and campaign on local issues

  • Programs & Activities led by First Nations People

    Yarning circles, community art projects & activities led by First Nations people

  • Opportunities for Culturally & Linguistically Diverse

    Celebrations, programs & activities led by or relevant to CALD people

  • Opportunities & Safe Spaces for LGBTQIA+

    LGBTQIA+ led and/or relevant programs, support groups, projects & safe spaces

  • Digital Literacy and Inclusion

    Computer literacy programs and support to get online

  • Community Education

    Certificate-level courses, tutoring, self-improvement activities and life skills

  • Employment Support & Services

    Resume writing, job-seeking support and training.

  • Hosting Other Services

    Delivery of services by other organisations (eg Centrelink, Housing & Tenancy)

  • Service Navigation & Referral

    Navigation of complex and varied services, referral to specialist services

  • Disaster Resilience & Emergency Preparedness

    Community preparedness planning and emergency response

  • Supporting Community Organisations

    Auspicing and grant-writing support for other community organisations

  • Community Connection Activities & Events

    Community markets, fundraising activities, music events, pop-up cinemas, BBQs

  • Family Support & Fun

    Parenting courses, childcare, playgroups, homework clubs & holiday activities

  • Financial Resilience

    Tax help, financial literacy programs (budgeting & financial counselling)

  • Ethical Loans

    No interest loans and other loan schemes

  • Material Emergency Relief

    Clothing, cash, bill payments, public transport cards

  • Long-Term Food Security & Emergency Food Relief

    Food parcels, breakfast clubs, food bank, food co-ops, education & training

  • Library

    Community library, book swap, book club

  • Community Gardens & Groups

    Community gardens, gardening groups, courses, garden clubs and play equipment

  • Community Transport

    Community buses, community cars and support to attend appointments

  • Community Event Facilities & Spaces

    Community halls, community kitchens, men’s sheds / community sheds

  • Community Office Facilities

    Public access to phones, internet, computers, meeting spaces & training rooms