Jacob smiling infront of leafy background

Jacob will be working with us to improve the NCQ member experience, developing organisational systems and processes and implement policies among many other key responsibilities, including managing HR and quality assurance. 

Prior to working at NCQ, Jacob grew up in the Northern Gold Coast region before graduating with a Bachelor of Business from QUT in 2015. Since then, he has worked in Retail Operations Management for Woolworths Group, before pivoting to work in a consulting organisation. It was in this role that Jacob realised he wanted to engage in work that was underpinned by purpose. 

I uncovered my love for purpose-driven work, particularly when I was given the chance to work on projects with a community, sustainability or capability building focus. I worked on everything from environmental start-ups to state-wide network uplift projects, engaging with stakeholders ranging from senior government workers in Brisbane through to local champions and specialists on the ground in communities right across the state.”

“For the last two years I have been helping manage my family’s small business, as a result of my dad’s poor health. I have focused on caretaking and improving the processes of the business to help reduce his non-core workload on tasks such as admin and communications.”  

The lived experiences of Jacob’s loved ones has demonstrated the value that community connection brings to people’s lives during times of challenge. These experiences drew Jacob to work in the Neighbourhood and Community Centre sector.  

I am passionate about working with a purpose, and I was drawn to the grassroots, community-level work that Neighbourhood Centres do. I have witnessed the importance of community connection for vulnerable people, after witnessing friends and family grow increasingly isolated due to circumstances in their life changing. After watching the quality of life improve for these people, I was determined to find my way into the industry, to be able to contribute to the amazing work that is already being done, as well as lending my skills and experience to the sector to be able to work in any way I can.”  

“A Neighbourhood Centre is a critical part of community life, and as we as a society continue to face increasing pressures economically and socially, the need for positive community connection and personalised assistance will only grow.” 

 When he isn’t working at NCQ, Jacob is spending time with his partner and rescue cat Ally or searching for the best hiking and brunch locations around town. 

 “When I’m not in the office, I can be found exploring the best hiking tracks and trails I can find. But if I can’t be bothered chucking the runners on, I will almost certainly be on the hunt for the best brunch I can find!” 

 Already Jacob has been an absolute joy to have in the office, he has added so much value to the team and we are grateful to have him on board.  



Published: April 2023
Written By: Taylor Bast