Simon Rixon is the the Urban Farmer and Horticulturalist at Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre.

Overflowing with seasonal and organic produce, Maroochy NC’s Urban Farm is an incredible place to visit. The farm is charming and fragrant place to wander around, it’s built on the unique premise of being a ‘living grocery store’.

“People can come here, see what’s on offer literally growing from the ground. They can choose what they’d like, and we pick it fresh in front of them.”

Simon is clearly passionate about his work, and we were fortunate enough to have a personal tour of the farm. He is such a warm and bubbly presence and has a wealth of knowledge about horticulture and sustainable farming.

There is an incredible array of fruit, vegetables and herbs on offer. The produce is grown using organic living compost and organic soils, with every effort taken to use sustainable and waste-reducing practices.

The Urban Farm is a key revenue stream for the Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre and also provides produce to local businesses and ingredients to their centre’s One Roof Project dinners. Anyone is welcome to come to the farm, walk through the greenery and purchase a $35 wellness box full of fresh produced handpicked by Simon.

“The Urban Farm is here for the community… by supporting the Urban Farm people are also supporting the homeless in our community.”

It is truly fantastic seeing the work of Simon, he is part of a vital group of people who exist ‘behind-the-scenes’ of Neighbourhood and Community Centres providing support,  connection, innovation and community spirit.


Published 26 September, 2022
Written By Taylor Bast