Say Hi to T Schultz, Coordinator of Discovery Coast Community Service based in Agnes Waters (but covers the Discovery Coast region), and this week’s Local Community Hero!

Working with community is something T was built for. She has an incredible capacity for bringing innovative ideas to her region while caring deeply for the unique needs of individual community members. As coordinator at Discovery Coast Community Service, T’s work covers the whole region, she works tirelessly to understand the large scale and subtler changes experienced by those who live there.

When you speak with T, you can immediately hear her passion for her work, and see it; covering the walls of her space are notes and ideas for innovations she hopes to bring to the community.

“I would love to hold workshops, community kitchens, human libraries and human connection activities here. to get this place buzzing.”

T is vital in her community. She is often the sole supporter of people experiencing incredible hardships including housing concerns, domestic and family violence and social isolation. She also continually speaks up for cultural inclusion on a broad scale. T has built relationships with her local councillors, Desley and Natalia who supported her in advocating for both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags to be hung outside of the local council building. She highlighted how important the flags were in recognising the council’s commitment to their Reconciliation Action Plan.

T also takes the time to listen to her community and is working toward her dream of having a mobile community hub that can provide greater connection for the expansive region.

“Rather than the community coming to us, we can go to the community”

“I regularly hear from community that they want a place to hang out, community hub they can come to,  that is a safe place & safe space where they can relax without judgement.”

She has introduced sunset dinners where locals can meet and connect over locally grown and made food. breads. She also regularly meets up with individual community members to ensure they are staying connected.

Her work is powerful on so many levels, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her as part of Queensland’s Neighbourhood and Community Centre network.

Written By Taylor Bast
Published September 2, 2022