In her role as Sector Project Officer – Community-led Disaster Resilience, Sally is working alongside Neighbourhood Centres, disaster resilience partners and the NCQ team to promote and support community-led disaster resilience in flood-impacted regions, in alignment with the Queensland Neighbourhood Centres Strategy for Disaster Resilience 2023-26.

Sally is a passionate and skilled development practitioner and researcher with over 16 years experience working with various domestic and international agencies and NGOs, specifically in areas of disaster recovery and resilience, gender, tourism, social inclusion, justice, livelihoods and small business development and education.

“I grew up in the small community of Magnetic Island, before moving overseas and working and living in small rural, remote communities in various countries. No matter where I am whether it be in Australia or abroad, it’s always wonderful to observe how social capital and social infrastructure i.e. neighbourhood centres, community halls, places of worship foster shared identity and community values to improve prosperity and wellbeing of community members.”

In Sally’s previous role as Recovery Officer with Red Cross Emergency Services, she worked to support impacted communities, including Neighbourhood Centre teams, through their recovery journey after recent disasters and other traumatic events.

Sally’s skills and expertise include community development and community-based and participatory research, project management and evaluation, capacity building, strategic planning and policy development, and cross-cultural engagement. She holds an undergraduate degree in Business (International Business) and a Master of Development Practice (Community Development).

Her passion is collaborating with other thought leaders in working to build reflective leadership capabilities for diverse groups bringing about change in complex environments.

“I’m excited to find myself in this role with NCQ where I can further immerse myself in the vibrant and unique world of Neighbourhood Centres.”