Each day, 140+ supportive spaces across Queensland open their doors to welcome and empower community members to connect, learn and grow. As community-based, non-profit organisations, NCCs leverage local resources, strengths and knowledge to create stronger communities. They provide tangible support and assistance to thousands of Queenslanders and contributing to improvements in community development, public health, social connection, disaster preparedness and resilience.

As a network, Neighbourhood and Community Centres are the largest community-led infrastructure in Queensland. In 2021 alone, centres had over 2.3 million interactions with community members, producing over $90 million in community value.

Yet with median government baseline funding of just $126, 501, the Neighbourhood Centre sector is one of the most underfunded community services in Queensland. Numerous reports on the sector from 2017 have demonstrated the need for much larger investment from the Queensland Government.

Neighbourhood Centres Queensland, along with our members, communities, and partners, call for an investment of $25million into Neighbourhood Centres in the 2022-2023 state budget. This is critical to alleviate the enormous pressure Queensland communities are currently facing, exacerbated by Queensland’s projected growth over the next 10 years. Neighbourhood Centres offer unique solutions to community issues not matched by any other service across the state. To deliver this unique place-based model NCQ recommends investment in these 5 key areas outlined in the table below.

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23 February 2022