Rows of shoes on tables in community centre room

Redland Community Centre is combatting cost of living pressures by ensuring their community is equipped with essential clothing and shoes to return to school and enter the workforce.

A few weeks ago, the Redland Community Centre was transformed into a miniature shoe store, with rows of brand new, free school shoes for local public-school children to try on and choose from. Families have expressed how great of an assistance this initiative has been, helping to reduce the financial burden of a new school year.

As the cost of living continues to impact families across Queensland, the price of school uniforms can cause additional financial strain on families. The cost of school uniforms has shown to reduce attendance and enrolment among pupils from lower income families. The Saturday School Shoe Shop was funded by the Redland City Council and provides a simple, creative and effective means of promoting equity in access to education.

Last week, Redland Community Centre hosted another free clothing initiative, for community members in or entering the workforce. Free work shirts and lunch were provided to community members who need them. As prices of goods continue to rise, many people have to adjust their spending and cannot afford items like new workwear while keeping food on the table and paying bills. Having the right clothing for work can have a great impact on a person’s confidence and the impression they leave with their colleagues and potential employers.

Both of these initiatives provide much needed financial relief to people living in the Redland region. They are simple but innovative solutions that help to reduce barriers and create equitable access and participation in both the workforce and public education.


Written By: Taylor Bast
Published: March 2023