Of the 140+ neighbourhood and community centres across Queensland, 97 are located in LGAs impacted by recent flooding.

When flooding hit Queensland communities earlier this month, neighbourhood and community centres were already embedded in the community, allowing them to immediately respond to the urgent needs of local people before any other services arrived.

NCQ conducted a survey to understand what programs and services were being offered by different centres and the key resources needed by centres in the coming weeks and months. 42 centres responded.

Of the centres who responded, 93% of them were providing information and referrals to people impacted by flooding.

76% of centres were providing emotional support and/or counselling.
69% were providing material aid and emergency relief
69% were checking on and/or identifying vulnerable people
69% were providing food support e.g. ready-made meals, tea and coffee, food packs
52% were providing lounge space e.g. peer support, activities, phone charging
45% reported they were supporting other providers by acting as a connector  at the time of the survey, and this appears to have increased in the days following the flooding.

Many centres also supported people to find accommodation, provided tenancy and/or legal support and advice, provided showers or washing facilities and coordinated new and existing volunteers. Two of the centres that responded also acted as evacuation centres.

Published: 20 March 2022