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“We are relieved and thankful.

We’re also beyond excited to share the Queensland Government has announced the base funding of $230,000 per year for 127 Neighborhood and Community Centers (NCCs) across the state. This is a significant increase from the current minimum of $124,000.

NCQ has been working with our members, stakeholders and partners to highlight the extraordinary impact of NCCs in the lives of over 1.6 million Queenslanders each year.

Today’s outcome is hard won, after over 10 years of advocacy. In the last 12 months alone, NCCs together with NCQ have been involved in government inquiries, written to and held meetings with MPs, collected the data and shared the stories about the important role of local NCCs. NCCs are vital, delivering outcomes for communities in disaster response, health, housing and more, but they urgently needed support to continue.

Today’s budget announcement is historic, delivering the single biggest investment into NCCs ever. This operational funding increase represents an additional $51.4 million over four years. Overall, the sector has received an investment of $115.8 million for Neighborhood and Community Centres in Queensland. We have shared the details of the full budget package with our members and will provide more detail publicly in the coming days.

We have been in contact with our members all day today. We’ve heard relief and joy in response to the announcement. We celebrate with the people who make up the neighborhood and community centres across Queensland. They have been tireless in supporting their communities through unprecedented challenging times.

We acknowledge the important work of @QCOSS, who has continued to stand with us and stand up for the sector. Their team and support has been deeply appreciated.

We also acknowledge the @Queensland Community Alliance’s work towards today’s achievement.

We thank the Minister for Communities and Housing, @Leeanne Enoch MP, for her support and strong advocacy.

We recognise the @Palaszczuk state government for its commitment to this sector.

We thank all supporters and friends of Neighbourhood and Community Centres. Each person’s actions have added up to a very big win for communities.


Published: 21 June, 2022