Conversational Research

In 2019, NCQ received funding from the Queensland Government to support Neighbourhood Centres to attend the Biannual Community Development Conference. This flowed on from QFCA’s 2019-22 strategic plan. Two relevant pillars of this plan include (1) highlighting the citizen-led, place-based community development work of Neighbourhood and Community Centres, and (2) encouraging active leadership across Queensland NCCs, through creating opportunities for forums and training. At the conference around 40 Neighbourhood Centres met together and expressed a desire to explore Community Development in the sector. In 2020, NCQ formed a Community Development subcommittee who embarked on a partnership with Griffith University to unpack this subject using conversational research methods.


The Enhancing Community Development in Neighbourhood Centres 2021 Report was published and launched in October 2021.


Helen Betts, Dr Ann Ingamells and Natasha Odgers

CD Practitioners
Bea Rogan, Maria Tennant and Carmel Daveson

NCQ Project Staff
Chris Mundy

Funding Partners

Funding and staffing for this project were provided by Griffith University.

Griffith University