Strengthening Neighbourhood Centre networks across the state

Prior to the COVID19 epidemic, NCQ had begun to connect Neighbourhood Centres together using online platforms by offering webinars around social enterprises and natural disasters. The Lunchtime Learning online sessions have risen in popularity as familiarity with online mediums has grown. These sessions offer centres the opportunity to learn and share skills in communications, community development, networking, disaster resilience and addressing topical issues for staff and volunteers.

Connecting on issues and taking shared action

Lunchtime Learning Sessions are also an opportunity for Neighbourhood Centre staff and volunteers to talk about issues of concern for them and discuss ways of taking shared action. For example, First Nations Neighbourhood Centre volunteers and workers recently met online to yarn about the sector. Centres also gathered online during the Parliamentary Inquiry into Loneliness and Social Isolation to collaborate on writing submissions and planning public briefings.


NCQ, Neighbourhood Centres and guest speakers.

Guest Speakers are a prominent feature of our lunchtime learning online sessions, drawing from expertise both outside the sector and within the Neighbourhood Centre sector.

Funded by the Queensland Government

The Queensland Government – Department of Communities, Housing and the Digital Economy has provided funding for one sector development worker to NCQ since 2017.