Projects, Procedures & Policies

So much time is spent by individual Neighbourhood Centres to develop resources that already exist in the sector. NCQ’s online resources will give members the ability to share and access templates, project ideas and sample policies and procedures. This aims to reduce the time NCCs spend on operational quality and compliance – creating more time for impactful work with communities.

Platform for professional development

The platform will also feature learning and training resources specifically designed for and with Neighbourhood Centres. These are free for members, creating affordable and accessible options to enhance sector capability and organisational infrastructure.

Connect with NCCs across Queensland

Highlighting the work and practice of NCCs across Queensland, there will be opportunities to ask questions and share learnings and successes across the sector.

Become a member of NCQ

Become a member of NCQ to access the online portal due for launch in January 2022.

Become a Member

Funding Partners

Phase 1 of this project is supported by the Queensland Government through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

Queensland Government