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The aim of this research was to understand the distribution of social health across the Australian population and examine the relationships between loneliness and social isolation and community knowledge, stigma, physical and mental health, health service utilisation, quality of life, and work productivity.

The report provides insights from over 4000 people aged 18 years as a snapshot of Australia’s understanding and experiences of loneliness and social isolation.

The report reviews the knowledge, concealment, community stigma, and shame towards loneliness in Australian society. It also explores the impacts of loneliness on health, wellbeing, and workplace productivity.

The report recommends these four actions:

  1. Build our understanding of loneliness through scientific research
  2. Normalise conversations about loneliness
  3. Empower communities to help each other
  4. Establish a peak body

Publication Details
Michelle Lim, Ben Smith, Katherine Owen, Lidia Engel, Pamela Qualter & Daniel Surkalim
Published: August 2023
Published by: Ending Loneliness Together
Post date: August 2023